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Death is the completion of a cycle of experience, the end of a story. Death is the release of the body and the gravity of human existence. Ultimately, death is a process of letting go, the return to a more natural state of being.

Companioning is death care that supports a conscious death. 

Companioning is the death care you may have wondered about or dreamed of offering to a loved one or client. Companions hold a radiance on an energetic pathway to the non-physical realms.  

Conscious Death could be the greatest gift you give yourself and those you love.

But what does it mean to die a conscious death? Conscious deaths are rare and becoming rarer in the age of medically managed death in all of its forms. Yet the manner of dying changes for the better when we consciously participate in the dying process. 

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Someone you know is dying. You are asked to sit at the deathbed. What skill do you bring?

How do you know when the last year of life is upon you? Or a loved one? Can these things be known? The answer is often hidden by a battle with disease, too many drugs and the denial that our human story can end.

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