Imagine living and dying in the time before religion, med-tech and machines. This part of our collective human history is, more or less, lost. Historians, archeologists and social anthropologists do not tell us much about life and death in these times. They write about artifacts and guess at the rest. The world of the ancient ones is closed to science and those who live within the confines of the five senses and mental logic.

I was fortunate to live and work among the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations of Vancouver Island. I was hired as an adult educator to a group of people living on an island in the Clayoquot Sound of British Columbia. I am a fair-skinned man of European descent. I say this to acknowledge that my world view was not the same one as the people I had come to 'educate'. 

Aboriginal peoples of North America have stayed, more or less, true to their origin stories, their inter dependent relationship to the natural world and the innate connection between the physical and spirit worlds. Unlike those of European heritage, they remember a time before religion, med-tech and machines. Their art and ceremony are living examples. This world is not closed to outsiders. 

Living among them, I realized that my education was based on scientific realism. My world was linear, anchored in space and time. Ultimately, I saw that world view was limited and sterile. The consequence was that I had no tools, no way of exploring the place that births the material world. 

Culturally, I had no training to enter the invisible realms. Except for one thing. I had experience with death. I had lost people close to me and, I had experiences that showed me that the world of the living and the spirit world of the dead were not that far apart. They are called After Death Communications or ADC's.

Most people have them but for most of us, we have no cultural 'shelf' on which to place the experience. It gets forgotten. Lost. We continue to live in a material world, believing that this is all there is.

The Anasazi Indians once lived in what is now the U.S. Southwest and Mexico. I will travel to this area early in 2018 and connect to the land, drink the water and dream into the Anasazi path of life and death.

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