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Companioning is a way to be useful at the deathbed. Companioning is more than care-giving. Companioning is a skill set that will guide you as you learn to support a dying person through the death process. If you want to be present with someone who is dying and aren't sure where to begin or how to proceed, then this one-to-one connection could be where you begin.


Three hours scheduled over several sessions of Skype or FaceTime dialogues that cover the concepts of Companioning as they relate to YOUR situation.


  • The difference between a Companion and a Primary Care-giver and when you might be both.
  • Three questions that every dying person MUST be asked that create a context for dying. 
  • To orient yourself and your loved one or client to the changing end-of-life landscape.
  • Non-verbal ways to communicate.
  • A relaxation technique to use with your loved one for yourself.

The first session is FREE. This is where we meet to talk a little about your situation.

 Please email me with your FaceTime or Skype user name and the times you are available.


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