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Big Things Attend Death

Every thing in life comes up in death. Not for resolution or for healing but for release. Releasing the human story is the biggest challenge all humans face at death. The thing to do is to practice letting go, practice disconnecting BEFORE death occurs. A little practice letting go will give you the chance to die whole.

Letting go of your human story and allowing it to end is what makes dying graceful and whole. These are big things.
  1. Life is a story you make up.
  2. You decide on the timing of its end,  your exit and death.
  3. You and only you, author the ending.
  4. Dying whole does not include suicide, assisted or otherwise, losing your mind or biological breakdown.
  5. Death asks you to let go. Therefore, a little practice with disconnecting prior to death is going to make dying easier.
  6. The Mythic senses help with dying.
  7. Dying is easier with a Companion.
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