Dying people face a dilemma. When does the dying begin. How do I die? The questions could be summed up with—When do I let go of my human story.

In a culture that's filled with distractions, entertainment, social media nonsense and drug use, it is not easy to know where you are in the arc of your life. This is evident in the time of the dying. We can assist dying people in a process of letting go by acknowledging that death may be near.

Here's how. Ask them the three questions every dying person should be asked.

#1 What is your sense of where you are? Could these be the final weeks or months of your life?

#2 Where do you want to die?

#3 What is your greatest fear?

Listen closely for the answers.  They will provide clues about where the dying person is at physically and spiritually.  Asking questions helps to engage them in the dying process and provides some context for your involvement as a Companion.

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